Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's Really Important to Me

Last night, when Jeremy came home I finished putting the bread dough for feather loaves in the oven. He grabbed a little of this and that and whipped us up some very yummy hummus. The little guys got into their jammies and lent a hand. Everyone sampled some, and overall it was a big hit!

This morning while I was doing dishes and folding laundry, some loud music began downstairs.

And it was loud, let me tell you.

A little one left out of a card game came up to me with the fingerpaints, Please Mama, paint? An art extravaganza with lots of creative smushing and painting resulted. Who can resist this? Who can resist the satisfied smiles? Who can resist the gifts?

More leaf collections gathered and searched for, presented with fanfare, received with a smile and appreciation.
Puzzles to practice math.
Sweeping to help out
while pudding is being stirred for teatime.

And then the bigger-people-troop come through the door, and some are off to football, one gets together with a friend, and little folk chase the bigger folk and watch a little television.

That's it and a whole lot more. :) But, I love it! As crazy-busy as it can get. I love it!


  1. Oh you are sooo good to point out the positives! That lovely loud noise from those homemade drums would have been enough for me!

  2. little snippets of a beautiful life. and yes, those 'drums' were loud. i could hear them all the way in texas! :)

  3. Haha! Yes, Bean! You heard the symphony!!