Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still brown and yellow!

We are still enjoying warm weather. The sweaters and coats get taken off fast or remain inside the house. I love our outside time, and I'm always glad I took the time to roam with my kids. Unfortunately, we have to be very diligent about ticks. They are everywhere right now.

Bannon working, on his own.

Violet still runs into the pond to chase the sticks. Silly pup.

The little hills nearby provide natural slides.

Oh, the bouncing, the games, the screaming and even the crying fills our days with sounds of children.

Grady ran off, sneakers behind, to climb and balance on the down trees.

The noon whistle sounds and he waves a bewildered hello.

Daddy worked very hard to clear spaces of land for us to picnic at and play at. We enjoy it very much.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For family

And Your gifts of love that display Your majesty

For the blessings of children

And food to share and celebrate, life and love.

We are thankful.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Days

A time out and about

Things to look at and wonder about

Saturdays, in the fall, cataloged in the memory banks.

Climbing, looking at displays. Holding hands. Pushing strollers.

Laughter. Lots of laughing.

Respecting. Lots of respecting.

Carousel. Silly boys. I love them so much. So proud.

Grady's first trip. Hannah holding on.

Happy and happier girls. These make happy days.

I couldn't pick a richer time with them. Museum visits are worth overlooking the stress. There is so much to enjoy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goodness in November

The sun sets early, the days are shorter. The stove is lit, and we work hard stacking the firewood. I watch many squirrels out my kitchen window and know they are preparing for winter's winds.

There is more time for games. More time for reading. More time for baking.

Cotter is participating in a no-shave November, and Hannah and I think he looks like he is from a BBC movie. With his happy wit, I see him as Mr. Bingley.

We celebrated Sophie's 5th birthday this week! She visited Build-a-Bear, received just-for-her gifts, and we fixed up a child's cabinet to be a little kitchen, and we put together a little bit of felted food.

Friends Matty and Danny came to play.

Her favorite pizza.

A treat of a mermaid. Daddy snapped some pictures while she was lost in play.

I did a little art for a princess cake. With strawberry frosting. Sophie liked it. :)

We love this precious girl. Thank you Lord for the gift of Sophie.