Monday, December 19, 2011

A man's home is his castle

A beautiful winter weekend, with moments to slow down and take in life and consider where we are, who others are and have been. A Saturday trip to the Catskills and visiting a friend who kept the little guys were some of those special things. The rest of us took a trip to Frederick Church's home Olana. I'm always amazed when I visit there to catch the results of a man who dreamed and what he accomplished with his wife and life. He was a gifted painter who took in what landscapes offered to see and shared it with us.

Mr. Darcy cameo.

Mr. Bingley cameo.

This was their first home called "Cosy Cottage."

And the end of the trip brought on a nap or two.

Thank you Noreen for spoiling us. :)

That night we pulled out the storage boxes and ornaments and decorated the tree.


Friday, December 9, 2011

*Homemaking things*

Sorry for theThanksgiving turkey in December! This was one of those cute crafts we had done all a flurry-scurry like. You know, the one where this one needed something and the other needed that, and Grady wouldn't stay off the table and into everyone else's business. But they were cute, and we made Grady his own on a Popsicle stick because he like it when we pretended they gobbled at him :)

I've been practicing the art of 15 minutes these days. I have had so many moments of feeling overwhelmed during my days and also facing the dilemma of my procrastinating bigger projects. Some things I have just faced head on and asked for help. Mom came up and for an hour we looked at and tried on boots, jackets, gloves and snow pants.

A project I had been procrastinating approximately 2 YEARS, I accomplished in two 15 minute work sessions while the kids watched tv. Now the storage room is clean! A half hour total. Hopefully I can apply this to my exercise aspirations as well.

Artsy I'm not, but my daughter Hannah painted Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus with the little ones after dinner one evening. We made a salt dough recipe and modeled them and baked them. They are not perfect, but we love them anyway!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still brown and yellow!

We are still enjoying warm weather. The sweaters and coats get taken off fast or remain inside the house. I love our outside time, and I'm always glad I took the time to roam with my kids. Unfortunately, we have to be very diligent about ticks. They are everywhere right now.

Bannon working, on his own.

Violet still runs into the pond to chase the sticks. Silly pup.

The little hills nearby provide natural slides.

Oh, the bouncing, the games, the screaming and even the crying fills our days with sounds of children.

Grady ran off, sneakers behind, to climb and balance on the down trees.

The noon whistle sounds and he waves a bewildered hello.

Daddy worked very hard to clear spaces of land for us to picnic at and play at. We enjoy it very much.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For family

And Your gifts of love that display Your majesty

For the blessings of children

And food to share and celebrate, life and love.

We are thankful.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Days

A time out and about

Things to look at and wonder about

Saturdays, in the fall, cataloged in the memory banks.

Climbing, looking at displays. Holding hands. Pushing strollers.

Laughter. Lots of laughing.

Respecting. Lots of respecting.

Carousel. Silly boys. I love them so much. So proud.

Grady's first trip. Hannah holding on.

Happy and happier girls. These make happy days.

I couldn't pick a richer time with them. Museum visits are worth overlooking the stress. There is so much to enjoy.