Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful Hearts

most pictures by Hannah

Thanksgiving started days beforehand where we cleaned, prepared the home, prepared the cupboards, prepared our hearts.

Thoughtful Jeremy came up with the idea of stringing white lights out by the trees and we've been enjoying them with the early darkness that sets in. Jeremy worked hard on the football viewing area, a kiddie table, and a downsstairs fire. The big kids and little ones staightened shoes, brought in firewood, peeled potatoes, swept the floors, put away toys. Many contributed to the Gratitude Jar.

My niece Maddie munches on crackers. Well many crackers actually ;)

The captive audience watching Polar Express.

Maama, nephew Benny, niece Adriana checking out the science books.

Bellie's curls

The fire, burning hot

The buffet

Hannah and Poppy
Grady's sampling
Chance and Grandpa M.

Ben and Keila
The Gratitude Jar held thankful thoughts expressed in words like...
family, pizza, home, music, friends (the B. family was mentioned more than once ;), and freedom
Everone pitched in with the foods like the Turkey, pies, cheesecake and my sweet mother in law tackled most of the dishes to wash. Thank you again Mom!
And then most of the big people later settled down to watch While You Were Sleeping.
Then we slept.
With thankful hearts to the One who has counted all the hairs on our heads.


  1. Beautiful! The M. family is high on our gratitude list, too!

  2. It's so cozy, just as it felt in person!!

  3. I love the captured moments.... It is important!