Thursday, June 22, 2017

June Ditties

The end of June is almost here...      

We've been rounding up the last of the school exams and grades. Bannon and Abby have worked hard to rally at the end. Some scores have been so amazing. Others not so much. The most important part though is to do our best. 
Bella had her 9th birthday and as a gift had her ears pierced. I was so proud of her for going through with it she looks simply beautiful. 

Sophie is getting ready to enter the 6th grade. 

There goes Life being super fast yet again!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Magic of a Getaway

We traveled on Memorial Day weekend.  Poppy turned 70 and Andrea arranged the time and ideas to celebrate him. his love of the ocean, music, personal history, and some of his loved ones.
We waded in tide pools, played in sand, walked a nature trail, ate a little bit of seafood, had some homemade Polish food, watched a children's play, collected shells, studied the skies and waves.