Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sophie bakes a cake.

Maama and Poppy gave Sophie her own set of baking pans and cake mix. It was Monday, and Maama was coming up at 3 for tea. Sophie used new pans.

We set them on a cookie sheet.

She poured in the mix.

She cracked the eggs.

Added the oil and water,

and Bella poured water over herself while she played at the sink.

The cakes were ready to go into the oven!

Out and cooled, Sophie then decorated the cakes with white frosting. They were delicious!

And Bella later climbed on the foosball table.
The End


  1. What a big girl Sophie is! She's so precious. And Bella...well, you know I love her to pieces! She puts a smile on my face!

  2. oh my. love this and laughing. Sophie is growing up so quickly! As for Bella, she has some adventure in her doesn't she? :)

  3. Oh this is good, and The cake was delicious! And I love when miss Bella took one look at maama's face , said No! And RAN! Like there was no tomorrow!(when she told her to put the stolen carrot down)... Actually the mischief in her eyes reminded me of ME running away from my mom, and giggling!

  4. That could be a book Dee. And that cake was delicious. I will admit I had more than a few bites. What's going to happen when we visit all the kids as grown ups and they're baking great food like this?????? They'll have to roll us from house to house!