Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Homeschool Mama's Journal

We finished House at Pooh Corner last week. Bannon has done math, journaling, and copywork every day as well. Apples that have soaked in lemon juice and salt are now in the process of drying out for another 2 weeks so we can turn them into dolls. Abby has been sounding out her first words, trying out vibrato as she sings, and making up all sorts of hums, as now a friend of Pooh understands. We've collected some heartwarming booklets that I've tucked away for keeping.
All spare minutes are spent running down to keep the laundry going. The leaves fall in beautiful ways. So much so, yesterday it looked like (to quote Bannon and friend Dan) it was snowing leaves. David Nevue on the Pandora accompanies our days. Dinnertime is really my favorite time of day because it is dark early and whether we are having eggs or roast, I cherish the time we sit together and share food and hearts. Bella is, for sure, needing some extra attention right now. She is 2, and living it up :) Bedtime and mealtime and everytime of the day she and we are needing to figure out how to survive and thrive with the noise of a spunky 2 year old.
But back to Pooh. I cried at the end. Not weep, just teary. Christopher Robin grows up and takes along pooh to try and tell him. He never really gets Pooh to understand. But I saw that they were going to be friends in Christopher Robin's heart for as long as Christopher Robin was Christopher Robin. I understand Christopher Robin....and even Pooh's cloudyness :)
I love and appreciate the time my children are here round and about as much as I sigh and roll my eyes at the never ending noise. I really do. Now off to snuggle the teething baby.


  1. That walk and talk between Christopher Robin and Pooh capture life and love so clearly, so quicly. I can't think of that scene without my heart aching and wanting to drop everything and rush home.............great and terrible.

  2. the enchanted place... read this again and it still makes me cry.