Monday, November 1, 2010

This Fall's Bounty

~New plants shared by a friend, and bulbs from my Dad are planted in the ground.

~Jeremy's clearing the woods. Cutting wood for our winter's need. Cups of tea, cups of cocoa, cups of coffee. Chowder. Bread. Too many spider webs for me to keep up with. Laundry piles. A home to care for, to share with others.

~World Series on the television that I finally enjoy the sound of.

~The wisdom and humility in older women

~A large leaf
a pile of new books from my mother in law
a telescope
innocently piled
innocently gathered
tools of the 7 year old scholar

~ the yard and the padding of feet, the toss of a ball. The knowledge that brothers can be friends.

~a grape wreath begun by my Mom's thoughtfulness, embellished with the fruit of the woods by Jeremy just because he loves me

~Sophie making snacks for the kiddos on the floor in the living room. Watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown in their jammies.
~Early mornings, where the Holy Spirit waits for me as I turn my heart's direction. And He's there. Every time.
~Answered prayer. It never gets old to see even small miracles.
~Joy, because I delight in Him.

holy experience


  1. Ditto! Love the addition to the grape vine! Peace...wonderful peace!