Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Memories, It's Sophie Bear's Birthday

It came again. Another birthday for Sophie. I keep telling my kids that, Nope, you aren't allowed to turn another year older, and then they go and do it anyway.

I have no other way to say it. I love this girl so much.

Very early morning, and all who were up were tucked in, watching PBS kids.

It was cold, and Gram's love blankets warmed them.
We thought the kiddos would enjoy a trip to the city to the state museum. We have so many fond memories of going with the big guys when they were young. It was an inexpensive, fun way to spend time together on nippy days. So much to see. Jake, the younger crew, Daddy and me, packed up and headed east.
I just-so-happened to notice a bald eagle in the trees above a small body of water. You'll have to click to get a good look. Of all days. Veteran's Day. What a gift.

The truckload of country bumpkins, aka, well, me, squealed and oohed and awwed when the Capital's buildings came into sight. So much creativity in design and architecture. I REALLY love it. The other notewothy buildings are in my mind's eye. But they are like a painting against the sky.

The kids want to go back here. Maybe we'll catch a play this spring.

Through the tunnel.
And to the museum. We were warmly greeted by the front desk...and a yelling lady in the parking lot. But that's a story for another time.
Two strollers, Jake, Jeremy, little crew, and I were off on museum explorations. We took so many pictures. It was just fun. Really and truly. The kids loved many of the exhibits.

Jake was a great teacher.

Sophie trying out the longhouse bed.

Dr. Jake, future wildlife biologist, or something like that.
Can you guess what they see?


The Carousel.

Home to a home decorated with streamers and balloons by Cotter, purple frosted chocolate cake by Hannah. Chicken nuggets, home fries by her request.

Presented with a box of candy by Bannon and Abby. See their excitement.

Maama and Poppy came by with specialty gifts for a little girl who loves to cook. Phone calls, and a visit with cousins.
And I think she said it three times.
"This is the best birthday ever."


  1. i love all of this!! museums are on my list of favorite things. i haven't been to one in so long and this makes me want to return. i used to love playing in that longhouse exhibit when i was a kid. how cool to see that it's still there! that little soph is a sweet, sweet girl too. what a beautiful world!

  2. Sophie is precious. We all love her! What a nice way to celebrate a birthday.