Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Look now for glad and golden hours

Time really flies.
Savor the moments.
   Love your people.                       

A couple of meaningful traditions will be stitches in memories.

It doesn't have to be fancy,

It just needs to be yours.
Make the most of their doings.
Love them. Enjoy them.

Count your blessings.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmastime is Here

 "Why don't you guys go and get the tree? I'll stay here and get the soup and cookies going. Also I think the tires need air."

The family has been sick and the coughs have lingered. But Jacob was home from school and it was a perfect time to go. I stayed behind to make the turkey soup and my Grandma K.'s chocolate cookies.

This is our second Christmas in this house. Some of us are really missing our house on the hill. It's definitely not the same, but we rest in knowing God had led us here, and we are making new memories in a new place that will hopefully seem more familiar as time goes on. We've been meeting new friends in so many places. It's really kind of fun.
With the kids in school, each of the three older ones have Holiday Concerts, and they each are so excited to perform. Bannon and Abby have had theirs and Sophie's is next week.
I still have shopping to get done, but most of our Christmas cards have all been mailed at the post office. That is such a bittersweet moment as each family and face passes through my mind and prayers. Life and time has a way of keeping me from properly communicating or visiting, even though loved ones are so dear to my heart.

Paper chains and snowflakes
color the walls and tree.
Cookies and too much candy
and of course, happy company.
Colored paper on the floor
glue and markers too
Christmas books and pine needles
gives a Mom a lot to do.

But peace settles in my heart
as I waken in the morn
to know that God has kept me here
to see His love grow more
in the hearts I talk and speak to
of this my heart is sure.