Thursday, March 22, 2012

And the land will yield it's increase

Seasons inevitably change. And while the sun's direction in the sky grows closer, the tapestry that the Lord has designed grows green, it burst with color, the birds sing. (Psalm 65: 9-13)

Life looks like several burners are on. Life decisions are being prayed about, and seeking wisdom from above is a quiet but necessary part of life. It looks like running and bike riding. It looks like song and dance. Frog catching and music rehearsals.

Love looks like letting each other grow to be who God has designed them to be, and praying and teaching All our hearts to grow in knowledge of who He is. It looks like remembering what matters and not giving in to fear, competition, or hurt. It looks like patience, it looks like honesty, it looks like mercy.

Early morning couch, PBS time, as we've done for 15 years or so.

A deep in thought moment :)

The little ones have been picking lots and lots of coltsfoot. I received a basket full of them yesterday.

I always get a thrill when the daffodils begin to sprout.

With the weather, I've been letting Bannon quietly slip out to get his lessons done in the sun.

And we celebrated Grady's 2 year old birthday!

His gift, a beloved tricycle. He is a wheels boy. It is so enjoyable to watch him play. :)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sophie and a few more of us came down with a stomach sickness this week. The first day Sophie had spent the day sleeping, and later as she began to feel better, we tucked her in and she picked up a blog book that she looked over with smiles. I was so happy she was feeling better.

Ben and Keila and the kiddos are down for some visiting. This was this morning while they were watching cartoons.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Try them, try them and you may I say

Hannah was teaching the dogs their tricks, and we turn around and discover a little person decided to get into the action!

And the kids let me know that Dr. Suess' birthday was Friday. PBS is having a Cat in the Hat marathon, so I thought that having a Dr. Suess theme to our week would be just the thing! Yesterday we had a little party. This is Sylvester Mc Monkey Mc Bean's star off and star on machine. Notice all the Sneetches running around.

We had green eggs and ham for lunch. The best face was Matty's who decidedly rejected the eggs due to their color. Sadly, the camera was not in hand.

And hooray for winterstorm. It's been falling so pretty, and there will be sledding stories to share.