Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday's Smiles

The turkeys and deer mingled together in the morning. Pictures by Jeremy.

I hope you see them. It was pretty neat.

Always finding reasons to smile.
A wintry snow squall. Pictures by Cotter. It was amazing, weird and beautiful all at the same time. We were outside playing when it came in. That was kinda fun. We just stood against the house and "wow"ed while it blew in and blanketed everything.

And Grady is doing all those things that make us yell, "He's so cute!!!! He's so cute!!! I can't take it!!! He's so cute!!!"

Trying to put on his Dad's hat.
Discovering his ability to clap and be a part of the happy :) noise around here.


  1. Ohhh nice pic of wildlife, and love the evergreen too! Cute pics of kids, makes me feel like I just stopped for. Visit! I remember Hannah at this age! How quick time flies!

  2. That snow squall was fantastic! I couldn't even see the barn from my house! When Andrew was Grady's and Sarah's age, he would wear hats all the time. And if he couldn't find a hat he would make something into a hat--buckets, toys, etc.