Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beautiful Dreamer

The family on the other side of the creek is packing up and getting ready for their move. We've had the cousins over for some playtime. I like to watch them play. It's usually about the dolls and dresses in the dress up box.

*picture of Adriana my niece

*picture of Sophie

*picture of my niece Elena

Here he goes! All those dreams I've collected in my heart over the years to decorate, design and nest, he smiles and thinks how to get it done. He's really good to me. This is our bathroom remodel in its baby/beginner-steps. In the wings we have beadboard, a claw foot bathtub, sienna colored floor tiles, and me with pictures of the romantic/rustic nature. This is nothing to show you yet, but the before. It's going to be so pretty!

Some of this week's blessings from the gratitude journal:
~Bella saying, "Mommy, me, you and Daddy."
~Grady's excited way of taking hold and resting on other little children.
~freshly fallen snow
~arts and crafts (making a Brambly Hedge play house with mice) and my helpers
~a cleaned, organized house after an hour of undisturbed work
~apologies and forgiveness
~my friend Nancy who comes with balloons, baked goods, and a merry heart that dances with the kids
~Bella seeing the sunrise from our bed and saying, "Mommy, look the clouds are beauuutiful..."
~warm sunshine
~melting snow and mud pies
~an afternoon rest I took and listened to beautiful music and took the time to enjoy the pictures on my wall
~Sophie and Grady playing legos
~Bannon reading to girls
~Bannon writing his own songs
~loud guitar music, teens looking forward to a youth event and open mic
~Jeremy getting up early, early to get the fires going
~thinking about the genuine growth inside the hearts of my teens since they were small. Their God given personalities are so evident as they've been growing.


  1. Wow! That bathroom is gonna be awesome! Those kinds of projects are so much fun!

  2. Love it all..words of wisdom, new beginnings, end of some things old, visions, dreaming, good friends who love my family, life thru the eyes of children, gratitude! The faithfulness of our God who opens our eyes to life in the now! Can't wait to see those growing babies, and finished products! Love you