Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Picture is as Good as a Thousand Words.

Remember the apples we soaked in lemon juice and salt? We finally made little mice out of them. Fabric, beads, chenille stems and glue.

From my stash of pictures fell out an old picture of a statue made by Jake built out of tinker-toys. I guess I've always liked the products of their hands. :) I was excited to see Abby build a snail out of blocks. Isn't it cute?!

And another picture was one found by Abby. Bella saw it, and we tried to explain that it was Hannah as a little girl, but she kept saying, "No, it's Daddy and Bulllla!" So, here are a few with her favorite person, Daddy.

And lastly, Bella was a bit shy when first hanging out with her Uncle Chance. He sits. She smiles. He says, "Hi Bella," and she flips over to hide. And then....
well, this.


  1. I love those pictures of Jer and Bella. He's a good daddy.

  2. those photos of your Mister with Bella.... TOO cute. Aaaand of course the one of him holding the photo with hannah, makin' me cry already. I can't believe how time really does fly. Also, I have a photo of Ben and Hannah that is almost identical to that one of Bella and Chance. I'll see if I can find it!

  3. Beautiful pictures again! I actually wondered what tou ever did with those apples! Mice are cute! What a personality miss bella has....she certainly loves her daddy!