Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Sunday

I am 40. If there's one thing I'm by grace figuring out, it's that sometimes life happens to me, but a lot of time, I also must make life happen. A springtime sun and deep snow calls to my memory sleigh riding as a child. Those bugs are on the snow, my cheeks are red, my feet get wet, and the snow tires me out as I make my way through knee high and even thigh high depths. "Off the couch," I say to my reading boys, a dear friend and her boisterous crew join us, and we trek through our Narnia woods and enjoy my neighbor's beautiful sledding hill.

But of course first, boisterous children + boisterous husband Jeremy= snowball fight.

And here is the beautiful hill. Isn't it lovely?
And 40 year old moms one of 6, one of 8, decide we also shall try the hill today. But it likely won't happen with speed and tackling like these two.
With bravery like this one.
Perhaps a joyful smile like this one.
Some slowing down with caution like this one.
Definitely not with this relaxed, ain't no thang, look of this one.
Here goes Maureen!

Oh wait, there you go!


Ok, my turn! (Maureen looks a little too happy doesn't she?) and Cotter against my wishes had a sense to take pictures of my run.

Bella just sitting quietly in the snow.

Spring is almost here. I can feel it in the air!


  1. Hilarious!! I do love the rather evil smile I have on my face as I'm pushing you down the hill!We had so much fun--thanks for getting me and my boisterous crew out on such a beautiful day!

  2. LOVE this! Adventure should always be sought after! I love it! And spring is coming soon... new things in maybe about 3 weeks? yes?

  3. Dad and I laughed hard! Love you! Glad you went out! Thanks for sharing!