Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Awake. I'm awake.

Thinking about:

~This poem posted by a friend on Facebook

~Snow that falls and colors the branches of the trees with blankets of snow (pictures after tomorrow's storm Bean. I promise.)

~Still quiet. Thinking about quiet. Then listening. Thinking about and wanting to listen.

Today's crafting

Weekend's playtime

Bannon helps to set the table for dinner


  1. Such a season! So much to be thankkful for! Be blessed in those quiet times with renewed hope, renewed vision and the powerful sense of his love!

  2. still waiting.... :) i love that photo of the trees with the kids in the bottom right corner. something about the hugeness of the empty branches and how tiny they look.... i don't know.. it's comforting and beautiful. like giant winter angels, keeping watch.