Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Teach me dear Lord,

To live all of my life, through your eyes."

It has been raining, and we've been catching up on our indoor time. It leaves room in my mind for the decorating, cleaning up the corner cobwebs, putting the busy hands that follow to help :) to work themselves. I shared with a good friend the other day that as hard as I work, as organized as I try to be, the little hands and people are very active, so a static state of perfectly clean doesn't happen. But we do have clean up times during the day and they are wonderful helpers!
"Bannon, you have the entrance room. Abby, you have the living room. Sophie, you take the dress up box. Bella, put suchandsuch away for Mommy."

I'm being taken back to my homeschooling days Hannah, Cotter, and Jake and I shared, lately. The coziness of fall, the manipulatives we use in math, the things I learned that were important in my relationships with them, come to the front of my memory again and again.

One of the things is that as I tried to and try to learn from other moms, I can't make my personality or interests or priorities to be like another. Who we are married to, who our children are, our callings in life, are really, all very different. I've tried on some hats for a time, and they never seem to fit right. Some hats are just about right, I just need to be patient and persevering and let the Lord work in me to give me more strength and wisdom in the doings. The other hats are best left on the shelf, and I love and learn from what its uniqueness offers.

In our insecurities as women, we may be tempted to criticize or feel criticized by what doesn't work for us. But God, who loves us dearly, knows what's best for us, and He'll lead us in the way we need to go if we are seeking Him.
And always remembering:

"but the greatest of these is love."



  1. Beautiful post and exactly what I needed reaffirmed. God works in such great ways - giving me support - through your blog and endeavours through life - even though we've never met. Thank you for being open to the message God was giving you so that He could send it my way too.

  2. Thank you Heather :) I hope your day is blessed too!