Friday, September 23, 2011

September things

It was a blurry morning, but we were able to get some chores done. A Bible story under our belt, a poem, and a grim Grimm's fairy tale ;) We suddenly had a peaceful moment when we did a picture study and everyone was coloring or painting. *insert deepest of deep breaths* It is sometimes so loud and busy here these quick inserts of quiet are so nice. And it counts as school. bonus.

Doing art. copying a painting listening to classical music.

Playtime*outdoor time*

Eating mint leaves

duck chasing

Toadie number 1

Sunlight watching, colors of fall

Picking flowers

And then Toadie number 2. Bella's catch this time. All by herself.

We were invited to my parents for dinner and were blessed by their hospitality as busy again as the little guys are. Dad made pasta fagioli and Mom made apple pie.


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  1. You know, in all the bustle and busy, I see the peace of God in your home, in your life, in your kids. Love you~