Friday, September 4, 2009


Passing along some links that stir me this week, both in my heart and in my work. Brain is busy as usual, but these links seem to fit better than any words I could put out there today.

With Derek and Andrea's recent visits to Uganda, finding this link of a young woman over there is poignant. Reading about lives like this and what she sees makes it seem like my American faith is so complicated, unnecessarily. There is need everywhere. God, give me eyes to see. He asks, "Do you love me? Feed my sheep."

Holy Experience shares her growth personally and with the Bride of Christ in this post. The Love Body link is very good too.

And for the love of being a homemaker and making a nest, I found this cottage redo amazing and inspiring.


  1. that blog about uganda just wrecked me this morning. in a good way, i think. like derek reminded me in africa, God counts by ones. thank you for passing that along.

  2. yes thank you...and I posted the link on facebook...cause I wanted to! inspirational... maybe someday... if the Lord calls..