Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stories to tell

Playtime begins, and one of the little ones has an important job to do.

Catching another person riding down the slide! Whee!

Can anyone stop this boy? I don't think so. Tumbler and rough. It is in his blood.

We have a gracious young lady who has found enjoyment in his play.

A beautiful rooster, who has ego issues with the young man who takes such good care of him.

Ardent admiration.

He is crowing. The battle begins.

An act of protection.

With Ranger's help, the rooster usually retreats.

Look at the beautiful eggs the hens give us.
It was such a beautiful day. We end it well with the fruit of my hardworking chefs, Chef Crockpot and Baker Bread Machine. Homemade bread and Autumn Bean Sausage Soup.

1 comment:

  1. That picture of the rooster... just cracks me up!! Love the song by Kathryn Scott too :) I hope you're doing well. Love you.