Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So beautiful

In line at the thrift store I notice Bella smiling and watching the person behind me in line. Turning around, I find a radiant smile. A stooped, elderly woman, with an ironing board in her cart, is smiling and waving at Bella. Making some small talk, I mention "family day" at the store is wonderful as I have seven children I am here picking up odds and ends for.
"Seven?" she asks.
I assure her she heard right.

Without a change in expression, she continues to ask about my family, and takes opportunities to encourage my anwers with a little bit of her own thoughts.

That was that. No big drama. A mild mannered, quiet woman, who had a way to build that ornamented her appearance in ways that clothing, make-up, and even a fountain of youth could not give to a woman.

Beauty is out there. And I often find it in the older generations who are so sensitive to the little people I take with me on my outings. These are the people that see worth in the individual no matter the age nor stature. They radiate care and concern with a listening ear and it always makes me want to hear what they have to say.

Inner beauty. It is breathtaking when it makes its appearance.


  1. Love your new picture...I'm guessing Hannah took it? Love you guys..

  2. Actually Maureen...that was me :)