Friday, July 10, 2009

What I am so passionate about Part 1

~I am passionate about my relationship with the Lord. To stay far away from dead religious teaching, that doesn't profit my salvation and increase my Father/daughter relationship with the Lord, is a principle of mine. I am justified in Christ, and sanctified in my walk through my daily relationship with Him. The entire New Testament lays out the details of this New Life in Christ. Circumcision of the heart, faith, hope, and love, God's love, walking in the Spirit, grace, Godly relationships, and how to live out the Gospel....all of it is there helping the pilgrim's journey to journey home to His heart. I can't throw out His Word and words as it is there to help me see, and help me know, and to remind me of who I am....who you are, in Christ.

The heartbeat of His love and kindness draws us to repent. His power, His Holy Spirit, rests on us to take His kingdom into our world in both small and large ways.

Just as husband and wife ought to go and spend alone time together, my alone time with Him increases that intimacy and relationship. My heart is hugged and instructed as I keep my gaze fixed on Him.

He sets me free from anxiety, worry, and depression as I drink from His living streams of water.

It is freedom. It is life. It is love. How my heart aches and thirsts for Him. How my heart aches and thirsts to teach my children to know Him in a personal way. How it aches for the fighting, the lost, the hurting who have sought their Savior in the form of a man who makes promises, but doesn't and can't fulfill them for their best because they aren't His ways. A hope tree that fails to produce true blossoms...(Mark Twain paraphrase.)

My choices, decisions, and direction in life reflect this passion. Not Cassandra's good ideas, but what I have discovered in a world that is outside my own.

May I learn to continue to have my faith in place upon One source who is the Beginning, the Middle, the End, and Forever.

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  1. Looking forward to part II...and thank you for the book, it arrived today! Love you~