Sunday, July 26, 2009

When One Goes a Diggin'

you can find beautiful treasure!

I've been digging so much, my mind has been whirling a bit. I'm putting down my shovel and pail for a little, in order to let my mind rest. But in my digging, I stumbled on some old Tozer sermons online. They are so old, they are barely decipherable. But in one of his messages, he talked about something that I myself have been praying a lot about. The Holy Spirit leads us into wisdom, and if we ask him, believing, He will talk to us. I have found that He does...sometimes in unexpected places. But while there is fresh water and bread there to partake of, partake, until He says...Move On. Believe. Move ON. So, I leave the words from this sermon about Pharisees, finding directional confirmation...not reckless, mind you. But words that leave me remembering the true marks of spirituality that Jesus declared were so important. (Remember my blog about "What would Jesus say?")

It's based on the scripture in which the Pharisees accused Jesus for breaking the Sabbath because He healed someone. Here are only bits and pieces, but some goodies from Tozer:

"He would die for them but not compromise with them.
Could it be that we have placed the battle where it is not?
Could it be that we have looked at the horse racers and gamblers as the enemy? Peddlers, marijuana pushers, American businessman…
'Secularism there is the enemy.'
Could it be that we find the conflict where God doesn’t find it? But with the religionists?

Not with the sinner, so he came to die for the sinners.
But with people who can look at need and not care. But people who can congratulate themselves on their correctness.
No heart for the poor, no love for the harlot, no sympathy for the ignorant.
Confusion, opposition to goodness.
How sweetly common was the real God man.
I’m glad He mingled with sinners.
Because to him sin was not contagious. Sin was a disease of the soul and could not be passed by contact. Pharisees thought that sin was contagious and sat in their houses. They were the elite, the elect, the friends of God, the chosen ones, they were indeed…so they thought. A religion pure by keeping it insular and away from the crowds.
Cut it off from the marketplace to keep it pure. They clothed it in black robes, and hid it in a cave to keep it pure.
But the fountain of spirituality flows out, and you can’t contaminate a fountain. Because the 'fountain from within him shall flow,' says the Lord Christ. And any contagion or infection that comes from the outside is rendered nihl by the outflow!
So there is no real godliness in the hiding."
*Praying to not lose my saltiness, to let His light shine, to keep my heart tender to what He sees as need, to be an example of this to my children...that they may know His ways, and agree in their hearts and minds with what He says is good, and what He says is bad. Not in judgement, but triumphing because of His mercy and grace. Spring up O Well! 

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