Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

Bannon came down with a sore throat and fever. The closets are getting cleaned and thick sweaters are being hung. Turtlenecks replace the sundresses, and darker materials have replaced the lighter pastels. Chipmunks and chickadees are bombarding the bird feeders, but the kids still have plenty of seed to shake out so that the ducks come to call and they get up close and personal to give the feathers a nice pet.

It's hard to believe the weather has really and truly changed. So summer is gone, and snow is even being mentioned in the forecast. The fire has been going and the kids all snuggle under my Gram's afghans in the morning hours.

Early good mornings to the deer. Please take the ticks with you.

Branch circles

Bannon cutting the yarn


My Mom and Abby. Without her, the craft would have been very difficult :)


It's all good. It's all right. There are surprises in the todays that I expect, some that I don't. I'm continually grateful to know I am forgiven, I'm loved, I'm called, I'm carried. I'm simply resting in that Goodness that yes, seems too good to be true. And it is. True.

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  1. i love those! and great shot of the always seemed they could hear every creak inside the house.