Monday, October 11, 2010

"All who need, may fear no more." -David Crowder

Wanting my words lead to lead to no other place but Father's big heart. That's all I simply want to do. He has made me glad. He is such a loving Father.

I think it's so right to say, You are so good. I know Somewhere Over the Rainbow is playing here on my blog, but the happiness and joy is right in my heart from a very loving, good God.

When I'm scared, insecure

~ I'm thankful You are still in control.

When I'm laughing

~I'm thankful for the people in my world who remind me to lighten up.

When my heart is filling

~I'm thankful for guitars and worship songs

When I'm walking with my daughter

~I'm thankful for the rustle of tall brown corn stalks and birds in flight

When I'm confused

~I'm thankful I can talk to Him and the Holy Spirit works in ways I can't see and somehow my heart moves in the direction He is leading me to go. Verified by the words from His Word. Wow, that's so cool when that happens.

When I don't have enough hands and I can't manage the kids by myself and I'm leaving church in tears

~I'm thankful for an older mama figure who shushes and hugs me and gathers up the wee-est one and helps me to the truck with compassion and mercy.

When there are apples, and stew beef, and flour

~I'm thankful for the family who is excited to share a fall feast

When I'm frustrated and weary with sin

~I'm thankful He reminds me of my own to help me remember mercy

When I'm feeling alone

~I'm thankful for the random gestures of love that tell me I'm not.

(I'm sorry I lost count! I have to go digging a little to see what number I'm on!)

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  1. yum. to all these beautiful things and hard things and things that make us say, "this simple thing right here is just what i need." i love this.