Monday, October 18, 2010

Happiness today:

~being loved and sharing time with people you love

~Helping and watching the popcorn pop on the stove and getting excited to have your own little bowl full

~Being able to look out the back door and see a flock of turkeys and feel like you have stepped into the book Farmer Boy (right K? :)

~Holding a little bunchkin who is almost like the real Pooh

~Fall colors
~A fuzzy whir of cute
~The autumn moon above the tall pines

~Ducks who waddle

~backyard games


  1. Yes, Dee! We read the books but you make them come to life!

  2. What a great train of thought you have...keeping it real...wonderful!

  3. Once again-blessed my day!

  4. THIS is the autumn that people dream of and imagine to be fiction... but you captured it! Beauty!