Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Day After a Really Rough Day

I tumbled, rolled my ankle, with a child in my arms. I'm thankful it didn't turn out worse, when it certainly could have been.

And the day was me on the couch with preschool TV on.

When I roughly had to go to another level of the house
Bellie emptied the water jug again on the floor like a lake.
And the bread bag was retrieved and the bread was mushed and eaten like an apple.
Well meaning hands spilled the milk.

I slowly watched helplessly the house turn upside down.

Able to hobble the next day, I am gathering the bits of my thoughts leftover from that day.
I step out on the tall porch and smile, because I watch this. It's from a distance, but it was so lovely and beautiful, I had to take a picture and pictures. God is doing a good work in all our hearts around here even in the mess. That is what His faithful love does.

In moments like these, I'm refreshed, and I whisper Thank you Lord. Please keep working and talking to us.

A boy who cares for his little sister who is always a princess.

And on the inside of the house, I have left my little helper to proudly continue the job of cake making for her family.

And these silly birds. The ones I DON'T NAME because I don't want to feel the hurt if they get hurt, but I really love them all the same.

And may my "building of a home" always stay centered on the Love that will last, The Rock.

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  1. sometimes stopping, even if the house turns upside down, is good for our busy little souls. we need to breathe in just being. and i wouldn't name the ducks either. too sad :(