Monday, October 4, 2010

Elbow Deep

Oh Lord, Your many kindnesses to us
I see it in my days here
as I'm cleaning the water that has saturated the floor
as I'm teaching 2 column subtraction
when the little person is working on staying in their own bed
when the heart to heart talks are many and needed
when I want to move to Australia to get away from me, but I can't because it will still be me I see in the mirror

I am so thankful for
  • friends who lend their ears and hearts
  • Your Word, which has Your words and thoughts
  • Above Rubies status updates on Facebook
  • quilts, comforters which make these cool nights offer restful sleep when it is available
  • cotton towels
  • Holy Spirit guidance
  • the fun we feast on through the many children books available to us
  • laughter
  • medicine by having a cheerful heart
  • David Crowder's worship ministry
  • Beth Moore's teaching which still ring in my ears
  • the magnificent colors of autumn
  • Your Grace which invites me again and again into Your loving arms

holy experience

1 comment:

  1. I'm elbow deep right along with you...including saturated floors when helpful 3 year olds want to do dishes! Love you. Please do not move to Australia. xo