Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday's coffee break with Jeremy was one of those tearful times. I love them so very much, but there are times when life with many little ones who need the cuddles, my ear, and direction can be very overwhelming. I've had moments when 3 or more :) are crying at the same time.
And then there's me.
Not perfect. Struggling to stay calm, but very stressed nonetheless. I don't always do what I need to keep things "just right": quiet, productive, and neat.

Jeremy reminded me again... This is hard right now. That's why we need vision before we are in the thick of the crazy, muddy moments, and perspective after we come out of them. Those "muddy" moments can be long and frequent. But, really, we are going somewhere.

We are raising these beautiful lives for our Father's glory and purposes.
I wish I had the time to go into all the wonderful things I am learning, and being refreshed again by, the truths in the Bible study Breaking Free my church is doing. But I have time enough to say He is with me.
His peace is mine as I rest in His government and sovereignty.

So even though it feels hard sometimes to keep them moving, the little steps are really not so little in the big picture.


  1. yay. I learned so much while studying breaking free too! and am also constantly learning many wonderful things... keep on! you are doing a great job!!

    amy in peru

  2. You know I'm right there with you...So glad God blessed me with your friendship. xo