Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clear as mud.

I posted a blog yesterday that I let go of and want to bring it back...but it's gone. I am working through a process of trusting God to take care of my words that I type here and publish. I admit though to worrying that people will misread what I am saying, and that worry has a tendency to blind me to His peace and government that I surrender to as I write...not that I'm infallible...but the truth is, He loves me anyway :) So, yesterday, that lie intimidated me, and I erased a meaningful blog. I lost the vision in the mud that gives me perspective. sigh.

Several of you wrote me the sweetest encouraging notes, one I didn't see til later. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I honestly carry them real close to my heart. :)

So remembering today:

Vision, muddy moment, PERSPECTIVE

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  1. I have that post in my blog reader, if you want it. I can totally relate... lately Dave has been reminding me to just sit tight and trust. Btw, sorry I missed you on Friday!