Thursday, September 30, 2010

Without Cost

Well, sadly I think the beaver has gone. We had a rush of crazy activity near the pond as we hunted for a missing chicken. If beavers are sensitive to activity like that, Paddy is long gone.

But, we went on to play games like "Camouflage."

Can you see them? No? Oh wait...

How about now? :)

Do you see them yet? They are excellent camouflagers.

Polka-dot girls, played picking raspberries, and pop the jewelweed seedpods. That is great fun for little ones. It's hard for me to pull them away. And they are certainly impatient for the raspberries, just so mama can get a cute picture. Ah well.

I know I have spoken of my daily journal I keep open where I write thoughts, meals, things, and What-nots.

I had a couple things spoken to me yesterday I treasured. I'm writing, I'm saving. I'm sharing today. Just because sometimes children make us big people slow down and remember life through their eyes is so much simpler than the Big people stresses and worries we carry. I am instructed when I am listening.

*Tag was rowdy, and especially funny, because I PLAYED. The kids were laughing hysterically and breathing fast, but I didn't miss Bannon's, "This is a happy game!" comment.*

*Abby snuck in before quiet time to visit with me. My dear little girl has an amazing ability to TALK. Yesterday she asked me, "If Jesus sent a baby down the waterfall to us, would we keep it? Or would we give it away to *insert many names here*?" She went off to play "babies." *


  1. we're reading about paddy just now... ;)

    amy in peru

  2. Love you---Love your family--Love to see your outdoor adventures. They inspire me. And challenge me--to make some fun each day. You are a good mama.

  3. Wow, good camouflagers! And I love their comments...abby sounds like she has picked up our tendency to over think...which is good, except when the imagination goes into overdrive! Love it....! You were the same way! And so were Derek,....ben and Andrea!