Monday, September 27, 2010

Back on Track Kind of a Day

No pictures today.
Today's plan was Get-Back-on-Track-Monday in the *clean house* department.

"In all labor there is profit," says the Proverbs. So the floors didn't get vacuumed, but were swept. The laundry pile diminished somewhat. I did not step on as many Legos. I hung many little shirts and pants. But there are still 2 baskets to put away.
I rolled up my sleeves for the bathroom. That's a nice feeling of accomplishment.
I find when life gets busy, it's hard for me to stay on top of things like these.
I think I was just made to be a *nester.* When the house is clean, not magazine perfect-trust me-I've given up that hope for a while :), it just makes me happy. A little more ready for Tuesday. Busy weekends can make Mondays like this.

We had a candlelight dinner. We gave thanks around the table for 2 things a-piece.

Bella said "Jesus" twice. I nod smiling.
Me too Honey. Me too.

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  1. See? Extracting. :) I like the giving thanks thing. The twice thing. And the Jesus thing. That's my favorite.