Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Week of Fun Moments

It's been a great week. Really, a Great Week. Loved ladies, took me away for a birthday overnight. The kids slept out under the stars. I'm thankful for it all.

(pictures of our very own backyard campground at Hickory Grove)
Priceless little girl happiness

campfire tales
Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy

Laughter and stories in the morning

(Pictures of my birthday kidnapping taken by Andrea)

Keila and Baby Sarah

Maureen, Keila, My Mom, Me, Andrea

at Noreen's

Bed and Breakfast

the Catskills

I had a wonderful birthday today. Jeremy let me read, rest, while he and the kids took care of things around the house. He took me to a beautiful hiking spot, stopped by the local country food source for yummy hummus, cheddar cheese, foccacia, and he whipped up something wonderful for dinner. The boys decorated and Hannah made me a carrot cake. The Lord of the Rings soundtrack filled up the air and I enjoyed every last minute.

We've begun school at home while the bigger folks all returned to high school. Having all the little ones round about while reading House at Pooh Corner is a love of mine. We all together were chanting "Tiddely Pom" and it made the cool air fill with warmness as they all gathered nearer and nearer to listen in. How things change...and how they don't. I remember feeling weary when I read the chapter books with my first three, and now for the younger crew, it seems more easy, more enjoyable. My expectations were of perfectly still bodies. now I realize my bumbling buzzing bees are listening in as they can, and the slightly older ones draw in closer for a listen. My hair gets yanked by accident by the 2 year old, and I say "be careful," take a deep breath and keep reading. Much different than the me of 10 years ago. I guess it's good, but I long to whisper into that stressed out mama's ears to relax.
They will be beautiful.
They will be smart.
The most important part of them is their hearts.
Reach that, and you have done your part.
Pray for them and love them.
Enjoy the spider webs and finger painting.
The years go really fast.


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  2. Thanks for sniffles! My look at 40 years is like the morning breeze, it's gone before you know it, and sunset is looming on the evening's air!

  3. I am crying... thanks for the perspective for this first-time-around mom!

  4. Our family is so blessed to be intertwined in your family fun and memories! We all love you all~