Monday, August 9, 2010

While the Season Passes

*All pictures by Jeremy See the stickbug???

Adventuring Jeremy (whom I call Indy) has been running about with everyone, being fun, and a little...extreme sportsy! Today they are climbing the tallest mountain in the peaks nearby, while I have stayed behind with the littlest ones. I seem to be the "sender" this summer. All the things I love to do, my family is doing while I have some things I need to do. Doctoring an injury is one of these. But I appreciate all the pictures he has brought home.

We have had family visiting, and some time with friends. The schedule picks up soon because football practices have begun.

These pictures are from the Nose :) I have left out the cliffs. and metal structure.

Bannon and Uncle Joe

*Pictures of the Lake Trip

A trip to a nearby lake was a nice treat. Sand, peaches, sunscreen, water, picnic. It was a wonderful time. Jeremy and Ben played in the water with the kids, and Keila and I sat catching rays, catching up. You know, girls need that. Chance, Cotter and Jake helped build a sand castle with the little guys. I think they had just as much as fun!