Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Summer Harvest

*Pictures by Hannah
Through the woods. Even fashionistas will enjoy.

I've always loved it. Sharing it with people I love, is better.

Wanderers, trekkers, outdoorsmen, explorers, navigators.

The trail we blaze.

Run run til we drop.

"Sophie, stop! Wait for us!" x many.

Excitement building. Fishing will begin very soon. Beautiful sparkling-in-the-August-sun water is in view.

What lures will bring them in?

And they are off!

Ah. So lovely. So pretty. I could sit in the silence for a very long time.

Jake fishing.

Oops. Sorry little guy!

Ripples of water. Ben casting a line.

Seriously a beautiful hide-a-way.

Can you see the eagerness?

Summer in all its goldenrodenrod.

The end of the blooms.

The cattails.


  1. that was me...signed in as Andrew!

  2. everyone should have memories of summer like these when they are old