Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Where your heart is"

"there your treasure will be also" ~Jesus

Life bustles about, and moments of joy sneak in. Sometimes caught by notice...sometimes after the fact. We were supposed to have visited family and fun places to the west, but it didn't happen due to an engine failure and a very scary trip with a full suburban on the back of a tow truck. It was a small victory for my "nerves" as I by choice, laid the moments that were happening into my Father's keeping, and saw small things, that could have been much worse, taken care of, and I knew, I had a loving Father looking out for my family. One of the special things was the love I felt from my immediate family who took 2 vehicles and happy hearts to come and pick us up as we played games on a large plot of grass. I keep joking with my family every day that "this is the best day ever!" but I'm actually trying to teach my kids and my own heart to remember there is good somewhere in each day. I cringe typing this, because I certainly would rather not have that day repeat any time soon ;) ! It has slipped that those moments were *close to the worse* but somewhere, sometime they will bring perspective.

I have had to work a little harder on being thankful this week. And I admit to wasting *energy* on things God hasn't asked me to carry. I've had to notice the "thieves" and give them the boot, so I can fully, more fully, give my heart to the treasures I am to invest in. His priorities are re-listing in my head and heart yet again! Oh how a heart can wander!

SO I am thankful for:

~Grace. Grace that saves me. Grace that regenerates me when I approach the very throne of Grace moment by moment. Morning by morning. Opportunity by opportunity. Crisis by crisis. Ugh....now if I could rest in it better! "oh for grace to trust Him more..."

~the kids who LOVE the gardening that I've done imperfectly, but enjoying the fruit from.

~ beautiful butterflies and thistles that are a such an enjoyment to me as I hang out outside with busy bodies

~Big pumpkins! We aren't usually able to afford those big guys that are for sale at the stands, not to mention providing one for each of the children. this year, our garden grew and is growing one for all of them. What a treat. Not "necessary" but so much appreciated.

~Homegrown tomatoes

~2 year olds, who are so cute as much as they can be little stinkers.

~Jeremy, who loves to cook. Stuffed squash. Thank you Lord for Him and his giving heart.

~ A daughter who catches on to things quickly. Making presents for people.

~The innocent eyes of a little one who enjoys carrying and caring for her baby "Josie." We watch the Duggar show, so it's no surprise that she has named this little one by that name. :)

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  1. That picture of Bannon is just the cutest. He is the most happy child I've ever seen. I don't think he can't smile.

  2. So true!! Bannon is always smiling! I'm sorry your trip didn't work out. And, as always, I'm thankful for your beautiful family, and your friendship. xo

  3. Thank you Nancy and Maureen...yeah he is a happy boy...unless he's being asked to read before he can play video games or computer!!