Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Make a seam


Make a tapestry

Colorful, kaleidescopes

Rough and tumble requires shirtless ones...apparently ;)

*needs no words*

Expressions of joy

The rough and tumble teacher and his students. I love this man.

Bundled in Abby's quilt...I don't think he minds
A little over a week ago I held my newest bundle. We are definitely trying to figure out life
right now. I can't seem to do everything at once....including talk. Imagine that? :) The 6 year old needs to be kept busy productively, the five year old needs help in one area, the three year old another, the 22 month old needs a story, and the baby needs to be fed. The early bedtime for the little guys pays me back to have open evenings with my teenagers. Then of course Jeremy and I, in the midst of the hub bub, sneak in visiting and sharing about our days.
Somewhere in the outside of my busyness, I hear that experienced voice whispering...these days don't last long. I've told the kiddos we are on a baby vacation. We linger longer in our pj's. We watch fun movies. We work together to keep the basics in the household afloat. They have their lists to complete....with a money or treat award. It sounds like a lot, but really, we are pretty slow around here right now.
I've so enjoyed having folks come by. They've brought meals, and we've been blessed by countless words of encouragement, friendship and love.
I don't have an amazingingly peaceful birth story really to share except to say
....for some reason my body needed help delivering Grady (medicine to help my uterus function)
....I cried
....I couldn't have done it without Jeremy Mom was so supportive
....Grady was worth it all
....God was with me


  1. And that is all that really matters! We are so happy for you, we love all your little people (and big too). You are an inspiration!

  2. Grady is a doll! congratulations, I'm so happy for you!

  3. I love it...a baby vacation! xo

  4. Dee....been weeks off line....I love love love you!! Was praying as Mom kept me informed of Grady's arrival. He's beautiful! YOU are you touch my heart so deeply. I'm glad keyboard keys do not show my tears....although they may get a bit sticky!
    Love to eveyone from us G's~

  5. My tears are right there along with yours Michelle! Dee you are doing an amazing job, wish I could be there everyday!
    Love you

  6. You've said it all dear.....Love Mom

  7. Your little Grady is adorable, and your whole family looks so sweet. Don't push too hard...easy to get down with it too quickly.

    REST! :)