Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Mercies for Today

After a visit to my midwife yesterday, she made the decision to send me to the big hospital an hour away for some more extended monitoring. I know the baby was sleeping after being bouncy during the ultrasound, but they needed to have record on paper that all was well with the heart of this little one. So I returned home to have dinner and then take the drive with Jeremy and my mom.

The baby was again in a bouncy mood, and the heart rate was all over the place. So much so, we had to wait until he/she settled down to get a baseline reading! Apparently my body is not so ready to have this little one based on examination. I did have a couple of nice clean contractions that they were also able to see the baby responded well to. But thick cervix, baby's head high, 2 cm. make me wonder at all those contractions I've been having for weeks now!!! Really??!! Just goes to show, even with each child, the Time all has its own special unique moments and signature.

So now I'm 41 weeks, and they've scheduled an induction on Saturday if labor doesn't kick in on its own ahead of time.

Today we'll do a little bit of everything. Cleaning, laundry, reading, and living.

Abby asked me above the dinnertime noise, "Mommy, when I have babies and am a mommy, will you still be my mommy?" She gave a satisfied nod when I told her I will always be her mom. :) I couldn't help but think of my own and my MIL as they have continued to carry their own family in their actions.

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