Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunny Side

Loving the beautiful weather. Still getting my feet wet with my business around here. Lots of crazy ;) like chasing Bella down the driveway or behind the duck house with the babe in arms. I find myself getting teary eyed at the moments we share around here though. I can't believe Hannah is as old as she is. It's hard for me not to wish too hard to slow down these days. *sigh* I know I'm not supposed to hold on too hard...but....

Watching Jeremy taking time and loving the kids.

Lots of bouncing on the trampoline with the big guys and little ones laughing in the sun, wrestling, playing games and make believe, catching bugs and amphibians.

Breaking up some fighting, knowing we are working on character.

Seeing big brother and little brother hand in hand going to play basketball

Sharing the crucifixion and resurrection stories with the children, and watching it make an impression on them. That is really something. Really special to me. Not hearing a sound after we have seen the movie, and they listen to Uncle's cd with him boldly singing, "I see what love looks like when I see Jesus," then knowing and understanding their silence.

(pictures by Jeremy and Hannah)


  1. oh I love it! Bella looks so happy on the trampoline! and the kids are working so diligently on getting those egss done!!! they are such good kids!

  2. Beautiful life! My pastor always says "parenting is a series of painful releasings." Looks like beautiful growth, releasings, tears, joy and love where you live. Love you so much. Miss living life alongside of you.