Saturday, November 28, 2009

We headed west to my brother and SIL's home sweet home for our Thanksgiving Day celebration. My husband, myself, children, and a student from Jeremy's school piled in the truck and traveled for a 3.5 hour drive. We were smushed, but the drive wasn't too bad. :) All parents know what I mean by just smiling don't you? "How much longer?" "Are we almost there?" "I have to go to the bathroom." Oh yes, we had all that and got to practice the art of being patient as our legs and arms collided, and voices joined together in an enclosed vehicle.

But it was worth it.

Bannon and Reese
Jake and his cherished drumstick

Enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal

And this is posted with a smile. There is a little person just out of sight who was not real happy at this moment. :)

Isn't he so cute?

Audrey, the camera inquisitor.

This child was a bit beside herself, and was singing, wiggling, barely containing her excitement as her cousin serenaded us with songs we love so much. And this pig in her arms, is now in our possesion :) It is almost REAL.
Singing You Believed in Me

And so Thanksgiving 2009 has passed, spent with family, a friend, plus all the bigger and little people brought into the world by the married people :) Everyone passed the time watching movies, playing video and computer games, playing dress up, playing...well I don't know what. That is after all a lot of children to follow after. But it was mostly blissful for them. I promise you that. It was loud and busy, BUT fun.
Having all my children home for the holiday, and traveling in close quarters has given opportunities to work on living together when things don't always seem fair or perfect for our comfort. Teaching my kids to get along again has been full of lessons for me personally. If I don't get it...then how can I expect them to?
Romans 12: 9 Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.
(in another translation it says "without hypocrisy") and
verse 21
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
It is so important for me, and each of my children to be soaking in His goodness and love, so that we have the same to give away to one another. Overcoming evil with good tends to go against our flesh. But His ways are good ways. I love the fruit of His ways. The wonderful thing is, knowing that as we surrender to Him in all things, He fills up the circumstances with His love, His will, His kingdom. That's what I call "relaxing in my faith." :)
So, I hope to be an overcomer. May they learn too.


  1. Such beautiful children...all of them! Cousins are so much fun--