Thursday, November 12, 2009

With All We Got

After chasing Bella off the stairs for the nth time the other night, Jeremy, smiling, reminded me that 1.5 year olds are good for mama's getting their exercise. Sitting and blogging is...shhhh....relaxing! :) The pictures are quiet and bring back the beautiful moments of the between the busyness of the moments.... that happen and make life interesting, challenging, and keeps this mama on her toes! I wouldn't trade it though. My life and very person is changed in all the right areas. It also shows me how far I need to grow.

Abby putting together pattern blocks.

Bella stacking cans.

Sophie helped to make her birthday cake. She has, ever since she has been physically able to do it, pulled up a chair or stool alongside to whomever is cooking to be a help any way she can :) Even on her birthday.

While I was up to my elbows making the pizza dough, Bella was getting into the baking cabinet....and dumped the baking soda on the floor...

and walked in it making footprints across the kitchen floor!

Bella is kinda famous in our home right now. She is cute and ready to hug and play with any friendly person. We all relax when she lays her head on our shoulders. It's wonderful.

And Sophie obviously eats her up. We took streams of pictures of Sophie on her birthday. It was all so magical to her. Simple needs, simple delights. Hanging her balloons caused her to dance and jump.

Her requested dinner of pizza, salad, and juice in the SPECIAL cup.

One of her gifts was her own tablet of paper and fingerpaints. After the cake, singing, and present opening, she and Daddy sat at the table alone, being creative and enjoying the squish of fingerpaints.

The day finished with tired bodies, who didn't nap, crashing into bed without difficulty. Myself included.


  1. Looks like the perfect birthday! Love you guys~

  2. oh my I forgot about blogs until the nudge this morning... Yeah!!! The girls are soo dang cute... Bella's look of oh..oh is precious! and familar! Sophie looks like she had a blast! Oh to be 3 again, without a care in the world
    Love you
    miss you
    hugs and kisses to all the little ones!

  3. Beautiful girls!!! What a fun birthday :)