Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking at the Past, Vision into the Future

The oldest three were invited by their Grandma and Chance to visit our state's museum. They love going there. They brought along the camera and took some pictures of themselves goofy and not so goofy. I love these people. It is weird that they are already as tall as me, if not taller. They are young. We hug, feed them...change their diapers ;). Then they grow up into these... people. Warm, funny, caring, smart, and yes, imperfect...but people in our lives with worth. Worth the time, worth the money, worth the preference in priority.

These two...gifted. Analytical, investigating, inquisitive, looking into new frontiers....AND sweet.
These two, too. :) perceptive, ready to laugh and engage you through the medium of words, music and art.

Riding a pretend subway.


Get off the display! yells the mom in me.

And this is my husband. I usually go into hiding when he gets creative like this. Target practice. Poor pumpkin.

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  1. poor pumpkin indeed, then again it looks like he carved it for the season!
    yes and amen to everything you said about the kids! mmmm, miss them I do