Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Living and Learning

My flowery notebook is listed with the names of five children, keeping track of the times and names of the meds they are given. The house stays messier longer than normal. Dinner times without my big kid helpers (Jake remains feverish and coughing) are a challenge with cranky littles requiring my attention and patience. What was I thinking making oven fried chicken last night? Well, I wanted Jeremy to come home to a good meal, but it was so busy in other ways, I think I should have made something simpler. He loves to come home. He has told me before that when he comes home he feels like he can breathe again. I love to bless him. But last night I was cranky, and so were lots of other munchkins. It would have been more peaceful with a less involved meal.

Nights are presently times for cool cloths, cough medicine, and fever reducing meds. We've even had a bad dream that Daddy lovingly took care of. Have I told you how beautiful our town looks from this view at 1, 2, 3, and 4 am? :) It really does. The lights along the streets, and the town house are picture perfect.

A slow pace at home, not resenting but nurturing the needs, abiding in the Great Love from above, praying for wisdom regarding Dr. visits, activities at home, and simple, simple, but loving, are the things I am gleaning from these days.


  1. you are such a good wife, and mommy... and nurse... keeping that notebook is such a wise thing!... and that picture of your bread looks awesome! I am sure you are exhausted, a little crankiness is allowed... get sleep while you can, and walk in the peace of knowing you are right where you were meant to be! the good and the bad times! Love you Mom

  2. I don't know about you, but something about the fall makes it "ok" for things to move slowly, to heal, mend, rest under heavy blankets and sip hot tea. If it was the hustle and bustle of spring and summer, I hate to be confined.

    I'm sorry they're all so sick. Hopefully this is the "big" one of the year for you and you can enjoy the rest of the season sick-free.

    And I remember those lights - they definitely are beautiful.

  3. I always love to "visit" you and yours here. Thanks for a life lived for Him, trusting in His word, allowing His goodness and faithfulness to be revealed!