Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apple Donuts

The little ones were reading with me, Bannon was doing his writing, Jake was upstairs with his studies, and our morning break was to be met with a promised event of donut making. My Mom says that her mom made them every fall, and with my oven being out of commission, this along with my bread machine, is as close as I get to having baked goods right now.

As we were about to begin, my Mom surprised us with a visit, and I had her hand to steer and direct us along. In the recipe, it usually calls for milk, but with our recent trip apple picking, she substituted 4 apples pureed in the blender. They were so wonderful! The kiddos all loved them, although I would in the future like to try and bake them, looking to reduce the fat content.
Mom cutting the donuts.
Donuts fried and cinnamon sugared.
Served with two cups of hot tea! :)

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