Saturday, June 27, 2009

Evening thoughts

The house is quiet now after a rather busy and noisy day. The littlests are tucked in bed after a happy/tearful trip for ice cream, baths, songs, prayers, and hug with kisses. The oldest three plus Bannon, and an uncle who is really more cousin-like in relationship, are off with Jeremy to do some socializing.

How the little ones needed my patience tonight. When they get tired, the tears and irrational wanting is difficult to soothe, and I needed to get a bit creative in my soothing. Well, they quieted down nicely with slow walking and singing about their bathtime. Now, I'm left alone with my own thoughts and prayers after the day filled with the ups and downs of this particular season of life.

I'm grateful for His love tonight. May no one rob this joy from us as His love secures our feet on the pathway to heaven. When we are weak He is strong as we look to Him as our strength. When we are tired He carries us if we but let Him. We might not all look the same. We may have different tastes, different hobbies, different talents. But the fact that His amazing love is steadfast applies to each and every one of us no matter what. This love has been displayed through His grace. May we stand firm in His grace and not let the yoke of slavery rest upon our shoulders. We are free. His purpose was to set us free. Let's stay that way!

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  1. When I allow myself to slow down, it always helps calm the irrational melt downs of the little guys...when I'm in a hurry, it only gets worse!