Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Embracing Today

Why always "not yet"? Do flowers in spring say "not yet"? ~Norman Douglas

It was Bannon's idea. Last week while he was drifting off to sleep in our bed, he was watching his dad burn brush. I went in to tuck him in and he said,

"Mom, I want hot dogs and marshmallows."

I love hot dogs and marshmallows. Typically reserved for special parties, the roasting and enjoying comes at those moments. But this time, I thought..."Why not?" and fortified our hot dog/marshmallow reserves for the first open slot in the upcoming week.

I have a picture somewhere in this exact spot of my brothers and me when we were children.
It rained so much, we had to put it off. Finally, it was dry enough, and Jeremy, who is clearing/clearing/clearing said, "Let's do it!"
The biggest kids were off at worship team practice, so it was the youngest set with big brother, outdoorsman extraordinaire, Jake. And Mom and Dad.

Hot! Dog! Jeremy?

An indulgent, "there's no place like home" picture.
Yesterday has come and gone. They are one day older, one experience older. I'm glad we lived in the present.
Were grateful for it, lived it,
gave them time
to live and be loved.
Hot dogs and marshmallows.
worth of


  1. Sophie is the picture of contentment...who wouldn't be, covered in marshmallow and chocolate? I love your kids--full of life, expectation. You are one fun mom! xo

  2. I could relive that day 1000 times!

  3. I noticed in the ad for this week that Target has their S'mores ingredients on sale. Wise. Very wise. :)

  4. Love it!! you are such good parents!