Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter's Winds

It has been so cold! Well, it is January after all. So we've been staying by the fire to keep warm. It's so cold, we pass right on through the entrance room, and put our jackets on the chairs instead, and look at silliness that begins just to stay warm!

Silly Abby

Silly Sophie

Haha! The cold outside, make the cheeks red like cherries after playing in it!

My morning's thinking chair, with the fire right in front of me.

And in the morning, it's just the place for pajamas and coziness.

The day begins with a little tv, chores, play, rest, table time. School for the littlest ones looks like this:

We are working on habits of work, obedience, and attention. I tend to get a little absent minded, and remind myself of its need for days that run a little better.

There's no place like home.



  1. You've always been so inspiring to me when it comes to little ones and making their day meaningful. God knows I need those reminders. Love you, dear friend~