Friday, November 4, 2011

A Mother's Prayer

Oh Lord,

Help me to sow seeds of love within the hearts of my kids.
Forgive me for the seeds of the wind that float about like bitterness, unforgiveness, complaining.
Help me to teach them the confidence of knowing and trusting in You,
and the weakness and instability of being insecure in Your love.
As I sow and water the seeds, I realize and rest in the knowledge you will cause to grow the things that are of You.
Save us from the futility of our own human reasonings, and inspire our lives with Your heart, Your vision, Your kingdom.
And may it grow and flourish here. First with me.
All because of you, precious Jesus.
Holy Spirit work in us today.



  1. and Amen again

    I've haven't been able to comment lately, but think I've figured it out now...