Monday, October 17, 2011


"And your ears will hear a word from behind you saying, 'This is the way, walk ye in it.' " Isaiah 30:21

Fall's rich colors clap their hands, demonstrating God's magnificence. Pointing to His creativity. Revealing His nature. His provisions in the changing of times and seasons.

These walks are so special to me. Hannah and I share this love of walking, and we love to grab the camera to capture the sights while we walk, and we share heart to heart conversations while we do so.

This season of change in life stirs my heart again and again to pray and seek God for big and little steps we take.

I've been thinking about how God is the "God of peace." The God of peace is alive in His children, and His grace whispers and heals in the deepest places. He never stops working. The light of His love is always turned on. It gets quiet when I stop listening. But when I believe, my soul is fed, my spirit strengthens, my mind clears, and I see the road in front of my feet. That is His protection. Confidence in His will. And suddenly worry and anxiety are not so important. His peace is. The Lord does not leave us helpless, nor is it His will to have us tossed to and fro with our own ideas about things.

My eldest sweetheart has been praying with us and talking with us about life. Her choices. His will. We've talked again and again about not being good enough to do one thing or another. But really, when it comes right down to it, it's not for us to make that decision. When He says to turn the doorknob, well, then that is the door.



  1. "When He says to turn the doorknob, well, then that is the door." ... yes. that. It's funny how we stress and stress about finding the right door instead of just listening to hear him say "open this one."

    I love NY in the fall. :)

  2. It is unspeakable joy mixed with stomach-dropping anticipation and awe-inspiring mystery, this business of knocking and seeking and searching and opening doors with our kids...
    Hannah is beautiful. Can't wait to see the good things God has waiting for her just around the bend! xo

  3. Well Maureen, yes, you just grabbed my feelings and put them right there in words! I guess you know what I'm feeling too!