Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall's Fireworks

"Mom, how do they know how to fly in a shape?!" Abby asked as we watched the birds fly over our heads during our afternoon playtime. "And how do they know where to fly?"

What is there left to say to these unanswered questions?

"Isn't God amazing?"

Dad came home from work and we quickly piled into the big vehicle and went to our favorite spot to watch the sights in the sky this time of year. This really is our favorite place on this ground that Jeremy and I share a love for. We love to take all the kids during the different seasons and just soak it in. The sun was setting and we can easily estimate hundreds and hundreds of geese and ducks there and flying over our heads making a cacophony of sound. It's so beautiful. The trout were jumping, the waters' glassy surface reflected the colors of the setting sun.

Grady watching the birds come in and land.

Sophie discovering milkweed.

"Something told the wild geese
It was time to fly
Summer's sun was on their wings
Winter in their cry" ~Rachel Field



  1. Oh, so beautifully written! And such a love story, ever continuing!!

  2. oh, i'm crying. this is so, so beautifully written and photographed. this just captures it for me.

  3. so lovely! such beautiful memories! xo